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29 Seriously Cool Team-Building Activities for Small Teams

Unique team experiences from private home dining to axe throwing!
Last updated: 04 Apr 2022 - 12 min read

Yaaas! Restrictions are easing, and we can finally hang out with our teams again! If your team is 5-20 persons, and you're looking to reconnect in a really fun and meaningful way, here are some ideas! The great thing about doing things in small teams is that you're not limited to just the usual corporate stuff - you get to do some seriously cool things together.

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Kayaking with Kelong Lunch!

This is an immersive half-day kayaking trip from Pasir Ris beach to Pulau Ubin's mangrove forests, old farming lagoons, and cultural sites, with a short viewpoint hike for the best natural views in Singapore. You'll end the experience off with a simple lunch at one of Singapore's last working kelongs. This is one of the most popular team building experiences on Seek Sophie as it's so unique - plus it's beginner friendly!

Axe Throwing Fun

Forget mini golf, axe throwing is so much more fun for groups. Here instructors can show you tips and techniques on throwing the axe (it's like archery, but more fun), and how to score points! You can see who can hit the target most, and loser buys drinks 🤪 It is a surprisingly a great way to have fun and is both silly and therapeutic at the same time.

Graffiti Like Banksy

This is one of the most popular team experiences - it's cool, it's chilled, it's inclusive and perfect for small and large teams. The experience takes place in a cool warehouse location, and is an awesome chilled way to spend an afternoon. Here you're given a couple of spray cans each, you get your own wall and you're off to vandalise however you like!

Private Dining in a Gorgeous Home Kitchen

One of our favourite dining trends that has emerged in the past couple of years is private home dining. It's like having your own private chef but even better as you'll also get a peek into someone's lovely home, and be their guest. Enjoy Caribbean Soulfood in an Industrial Shophouse home, Farm-to-Table Peranakan Food with Granny or the best Spanish Food in Singapore in a Bohemian setting.

If you're looking for something your teams will remember for a long time - this is IT.

Private Dining in a Gorgeous Home Kitchen
Ultimate Day Out on a Yacht

Going on a yacht island hopping adventure is our favourite thing to do in Singapore. There's something for everyone here - the adventurous can do watersports, the drinkers can booze, and those who want to chill can have a BBQ and relax on deck nets. Bring your own food to BBQ, BYOB your own booze and have lots of fun!!

Ultimate Day Out on a Yacht
Amazing Race Through Singapore

This is a really popular one for larger teams as this can take up to 50 persons! This is perfect for groups who want an interactive game, and something that is uniquely Singapore-themed. Like the Amazing Race, teams will check in at different places of interest to undertake informative challenges at each station, earning points while learning and appreciating Singapore’s history, as well as understanding what Singapore's essential workers have to go through during the pandemic.

Go on a Puzzle Hunt

If Amazing Race is not your thing, try these fun puzzle hunts around Singapore. These are basically open air role playing games where you'll solve puzzles as a team, and your decisions will determine the outcome. You can do the Puzzle Hunts in Little India, in Fort Siloso, or in Chinatown and there's no limit on number of persons!

Go on a Puzzle Hunt
Chill with Art Jam

Art jamming is one of our favourite zen ways to spend the afternoon! Here during this 2-hour art jam session, you and your team can channel your inner Picasso at a beautiful light-filled studio. Their instructors are super lovely and patient, and are only too happy to guide you through applying different sketching and painting techniques. Perfect for teams who want something interactive and fun, but also pretty chilled out.

Make Woodfired Pizza or Yummy Peranakan Food

If you have a team of foodies, how about a cooking class?! We're not talking about corporate type cookie cutter cooking classes. We're talking about unique cooking classes that even non-cooks will enjoy!

Like learning to make pizza in a wood-fire oven at a Secret Supper Club, or learning from Granny Soh how to make yummy Peranakan food in her gorgeous Kampong Home. Or if you love Korean food, you can take it up a notch and learn Korean home-cooking from a Korean chef!

Make Woodfired Pizza or Yummy Peranakan Food
Breakfast Club with a Health Coach

If you have a high-performing team always on the lookout to optimise ('Atomic Habits' anyone?!), this is great for you. This is a cool Breakfast Club experience with a health and wellness coach.

Here, you'll meditate, learn about wellness, superfoods and enjoy a yummy breakfast together. The idea is that this experience can help kick start habits that will make your mornings more productive and energising. This all takes place in a gorgeous industrial shophouse setting too!

Private Street Magic on Rooftop Garden

We all love magic, and street magic is even better - it's simple, close-up, and we can't figure it out! This private Street Magic experience with a professional magician is a super fun and mind-blowing experience. Here, you and your team are invited by an award-winning street magician into a mystical world where magic still abounds. You'll leave confounded and utterly charmed!

Bonus: This experience also takes place at one of our favourite hidden gems in Singapore - a hidden rooftop garden that reminds us of speakeasies in London.

Terrarium Making - Make Your Own Mini Garden

This is another really popular one for teams, since we've all become plant parents during the pandemic! Here you'll spend an hour with a plant-loving couple, Jason and Joy, to learn how to create and maintain your own terrarium (mini garden) at home. Spending time building your own mini garden is super therapeutic, and you'll also get to bring some nature into your office space!

Bee Farm & Honey Tasting!

If you love finding the latest pop-ups and IG private dining spots in town, you'd love this. This is a bee farm and honey tasting at a secret rooftop spot.

Before you start the tasting, you'll experience the rooftop bee farm to learn about how bees can produce honey with such different flavour profiles. Then you'll sit down for a tasting of honey, where you'll observe honey notes, flavour profile and colours.

We love it that the honey is sourced from interesting boutique farms around Asia, and is always surprising! If it's in season, you might even get to try durian honey - fun fact: the notes are light and floral, and taste nothing like durian.

Make Candles with Scent Engineer

If your team is made up of candle junkies like ours, this is perfect. This is a private candle making workshop where you will work with over 30 raw materials to create an entirely bespoke scented candle. The variations are almost unlimited! Every time you light up the candle, you'll think of each other :)

Make Organic Soap

Soap making has (surprisingly!) been one of the most popular team building activities. Who knew so many teams would be interested in learning how to make their own humble bar of soap!

But this isn't any normal soap - it's organic soap that is not only good for your skin but also looks and smells amazing. And the best part? You get to walk away with your own uniquely crafted organic soaps. 

Cycling in Ubin

Heading to Ubin is one of our favourite ways to retreat into nature, away from the bustle of Singapore. If your team loves nature and the outdoors, this is a perfect bonding activity.

Here at Ubin, you'll step back in time and learn more about the old way of life during the kampong’ days, when nature played a larger part in daily life. Cycle to attractions such as Bukit Puaka, Chek Jawa Nature Reserve, and Pulau Ubin Town. This is one of the few cycling options which will bring you up to the highest lookout point in Ubin for an unblocked view of the quarry.

Longboarding with a Pro

This is for the sporty teams! Longboarding has taken over our IG in the past year and we can see why people are hooked. Here, under the guidance of passionate instructors, your team will get to learn the basic techniques of longboarding, which includes pushing, carving, and braking. If you're a natural skater, you'll be doing tricks in no time!

Baking an Ondeh Ondeh Cake

If your team has already done cooking, and want something different - how about baking a gorgeous Ondeh Ondeh cake together? This private baking session with the renowned Redman Studio will teach you the best techniques, plus provide you with easy-to-replicate recipes. After the session, you'll each take home a yummy Ondeh Ondeh cake to enjoy!

Zovb and Laser Clay Shooting!

If your team has done it all, we bet they haven't done this! Here you'll get to do 2 things that you normally don't think about when you think about Singapore: learning to shoot and rolling on green fields in massive Zovb bubbles! It's the perfect afternoon of freewheeling play and lots of laughter.

Explore Hidden Ruins Like Indiana Jones

If your team loves hiking and doing adventurous activities, this is perfect. This is a super off-grid hiking trip to explore hidden war ruins, that will make your team feel like you're Indiana Jones. You'll get to squeeze your way through tiny & damp war bunkers, see the gorgeous Instaworthy Keppel Hill Reservoir, and search for an ancient Japanese tomb. Who knew Singapore had so many hidden gems!

Kayak Into Wild Places with Field Cooked Lunch

We sometimes call this a kayaking omakase - not because you get a 10-course meal, but because you never know what route you're going to get. You need to trust your kayaking guide! Clarence your guide has a real sense of adventure and loves showing his guests new hidden areas of Singapore.

To amp up the adventure, you'll also enjoy a field-cooked lunch on one of the islets along the way - nothing fancy, but we think you'll enjoy it after your adventure! This is great for avid explorers.

Yummy Gin Tasting at Singapore's Original Gin Distillery

This is really great fun for teams, whether or not you like gin! Tanglin Gin started because our iconic Singapore Sling's main ingredient is Gin - but Singapore doesn't have its own gin! So they concocted all sorts of cool local gin flavours using ingredients in the region, and made some incredibly yummy gin in the jungles of Dempsey!

Here you'll get to smell gin ingredients and later identify them in the gins, and get to taste a LOT of drinks. It's a cool location and a really fun way to spend the afternoon.

Private Gin Tasting

If you really want to do gin tasting, but you prefer a private tasting session, then head to Brass Lion's distillery! Here you'll have a private gin tasting session at an award-winning local distillery where you'll find out what goes into the gin-making process, and have a guided tasting with a gin enthusiast of 6 types of gin.

After the tasting session, you can continue your evening at their award-winning Tasting Room with more food and drinks until they close.

Go Sailing!

This is another epic one you can only do with smaller teams. If you have an outdoorsy team, why not take everyone out sailing?! Here you'll have a chance to learn sailing from a veteran sailor who has been sailing since the late 1960s on a 40+ footer Keelboat.

You'll discover the sensation of being out on the water, wind filling the sails, harnessing the power of nature and relying on your skills and expertise to steer the boat. There's no better way of team building than navigating the open seas together.

Enjoy Coffee & Churros

This had us at Churros 😋 If we were to take a wild guess, we'd guess that most/all of your team drinks coffee! This is specially structured for coffee enthusiasts to explore the origin of coffee beans, and the various techniques to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

You'll learn the hand technique in brewing and the coffee’s roasting profile, and its influence on the final cup’s tasting profile. Our favourite part? You'll get churros to end the workshop!

Clean Beauty Workshop

Even if you're not a skincare enthusiast, this is a cool way for your team to do something new together and learn about sustainability.

You'll get to learn what goes into your skincare and create toxin-free skincare formulated for your specific skin type. You'll feel like a mad scientist, learn something cool and have lots of fun at the same time!

Mangrove Safari to Hidden Northern Islands

This is both lazy and adventurous at the same time - great for teams who want to do something cool but in a chilled way.

On this 3-hour adventure, you'll explore the Northern Coastal line of Singapore packed with mangroves and a rustic nature vibe. You'll get see Singapore's floating solar farm, bask in the tranquillity in the mangroves, and catch glimpses of wildlife around the mangrove river. Relax, sit back and see Singapore with new eyes.

Pottery in Zen Garden Studio

This private pottery class in a lush garden studio is a really special one. During this 2-hour class, you and your team will learn hand-building from a creative designer.

Emily, your instructor, is really kind and patient, and encourages her guests to be super creative. As it's a private class, you'll get Emily's full attention to help you guys create magic ✨

Private Dance Session - Bollywood to Zumba!

If your team loves dancing or just wants something that's interactive and silly, this could be a ton of fun. During this private session you can pick from 6 types of dances - from Bollywood to Tiktok to Zumba! There's no one here but your team so you can let loose and really unleash those moves!

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