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The founder of Xiu, Youmin is a certified nature and forest therapy guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs, USA. A pioneer guide in Singapore and Southeast Asia, she is passionate about self-care, slowing down practically, and re-connecting to nature. Youmin guides with Singapore’s National Parks Board and she conducts nature therapy to support specific communities such as people living with dementia, as well for families. Programmes in Xiu Nature Connections include forest bathing, nature connection programmes and Yoga Nidra.
4 years experience
Fluent English
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 10 helpful reviews
Rob Elliot
23 May 2021
This was a relaxing and energising outing - thanks You Min for introducing the concept of forest bathing and being such an open and engaging guide! I wasn’t sure what to expect with a forest bathing outing as I had not encountered the concept before. However, I really enjoyed the session and it opened my eyes to a new way to engage with nature and my surroundings. You Min is an informed guide and passionate about nature. I would highly recommend this experience to those new to forest bathing and wanting to get closer to Singapore’s natural environment.
03 Mar 2021
Not gonna lie, we didn’t really know what to expect for forest bathing, but it’s basically a Japanese eco-therapy practice in the forest! You min is a great facilitator and invited us to open our senses, listen to Nature — the trees, the wind, feel the earth beneath us and just r e l a x. It was such a healing experience for me and I felt my worries and anxiety lift. I loved the mini sharing sessions after each section and drinking hot butterfly pea flower tea in wooden cups (like a picnic!) at the end really rounded up the whole experience beautifully. It’s great to do solo, or even as a team bonding activity!
Sjy Tan
15 Oct 2020
Youmin takes care of you from start to finish. She places extra attention to make sure you enjoy a smooth experience by making sure she is clear with her instructions/directions & checking in on you before the date of the session. She is a wonderful facilitator who allows you to exercise full ownership from your experience (because the ultimate takeaway is unique to you & your very own interpretation). You will have to experience it yourself to understand the beauty of forest therapy. The recent Moonwalk gave us an unforgettable night nature bathing with the almost full moon. Will look forward to more one-of-a-kind experiences again 🌈🌳🌲
Neo Miao Lin
08 Dec 2019
Went without any expectations and went home feeling rejuvenated by nature. I love the mini series of experiential activities Youmin invited the group to do. Though simple, the activities invite us to stay grounded and pay attention to little moments which I often missed out in my fast-paced life. One noteworthy point is while I attended a group session, Youmin facilitates the session in a way that provided each of us with our personal space to connect with nature. At the same time, we are also invited to share and listen to each others' experience in an open manner, giving us a chance to reflect on different perspectives. Youmin is also very thorough in her forest bathing session as she prepared insect repellent, sitting mats, tea and snacks for all participants. The forest bathing session is indeed a restful experience to recharge and rejuvenate, and is something that differs from a nature walk or trekking experience🙂
Katherine Boo
16 Nov 2018
I will recommend forest bathing for anyone who is looking to decompress from a hectic or stressful lifestyle. The session with Youmin has helped me to appreciate our natural surroundings and witness the significant impact it contributes to our physical well-being. It felt good to slow down and enjoy a respite from our overactive minds. The experience immediately refreshed my mood and made me feel better emotionally at the end of the session.