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Wilpattu Nature Resort

Sri Lanka
A lovely estate situated right on the Kala Oya river, with its own safari jeeps and drivers. Upon request (and for an additional fee), they are able to provide experienced guides to accompany guests to the national park. In addition to cozy rooms, the resort also offers a camping facility and lots of water sports such as kayaking and wakeboarding.
8 years experience
Fluent English
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.5 out of 50 helpful reviews
Richard, Netherlands
28 Nov 2019
Room features river views. Very nice location far away from the large groups of tourists. You can use the kayaks for free and take a trip through the mangrove forests. Really very special, because we came along more wild elephants than during the safari in the national park. The food was fine.”
Florentia, Sri Lanka
28 Nov 2019
“The food was great and had a good spread. Every meal was refreshingly different to each other. The staff went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable. One of my favourite experiences was the kayaking. Kayaking along the lagoon trails was such an adventure. The boat rides allowed us to spend time in water that was pleasantly safe but fresh and the ride to the Biobab (elephant tree) was so much fun. Seeing the giant tree was awe-inspiring.”
Mary, Sri Lanka
28 Nov 2019

“The food was delicious. Service was exemplary. The view is enchanting facing the lagoon. The environment around the hotel was very peaceful. The rooms are spacious.”

Lesley, United Arab Emirates
28 Nov 2019
“Sadly, I was the only guest due to recent events, but Anil and his team were great. They prepared loads of delicious food and when I changed my mind about taking a full day safari instead of a half day, they turned around, bought some snacks and drinks and I enjoyed a lovely day. There’s really no need to stay away, especially from this area, as there’s plenty of security anyway, to protect the park. The hotel is comfortable and in a very relaxing location, next to the river and not far to the park entrance. You can also take a boat trip, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed.”
René, Switzerland
28 Nov 2019
“Excellent location situated on a river. Nice to relax and explore a bit the surroundings. The have free Kayak's which you can use for the river. The staff is extremly friendly and helpfull. The food is very good. It is a bit of the main road, therefore it is really calm and completely in the nature. Everything is clean, nice rooms and a nice veranda where the resterant is on. It was one of our highlights of the hotels, and we had not expected it.”