Moonriver Lodge

Designed and hand-built with love, Moonriver Lodge was initially established as an earthly home for the Khoo family and workers. As the years passed, an extensive and beautiful garden surrounding the lodge was created through natural farming methods. Wanting to provide a relaxing stay for passing travellers, Moonriver Lodge was then opened up for bed and breakfast, seeking to give travellers the chance to learn more about nature and farming. Expect friendly hosts that will be eager to share with you more about their natural farming experiences, help you book activities and get the chance to participate in day-to-day farming activities!
11 years experience
Fluent English, Bahasa
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.3 out of 42 helpful reviews
Suzanne Pennington de Jongh
14 Mar 2020
We didn’t feel welcome at all. Nobody at the lodge when we arrived (nobody was aware that we were coming, bed not in place, no checkin, no dinner available, they just left us and said: You have a car, and can drive yourself. Breakfast was cooked by a volunteer, no fruit or coffee - just eggs and bread. Lastly the rooms feel like you’re sleeping in the army: cramped and only a mattress. What a shame as we were so looking forward to this experience!
Rachel Deel
18 Feb 2020
Moonriver is a fantastic place to stay for those looking to go off grid north of Cameron Highlands. It was exactly what I needed. The rooms are very clean and cozy, and the evenings are cool. I slept almost 9 hours a night and read a lot! It's not in a touristic area, so you will be spending most of your time around the lodge or out on a hike, but the staff can also help you book an activity if you need something more to do. I highly recommend Moonriver as a refreshing nature getaway! Can't wait to visit again.
15 Jan 2020
Nestled up in the mountains, Moonriver was the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. I was there as a WWOOF volunteer but also got the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate in the lodge's gardens and cozy rooms. The beds are clean and comfortable, and it gets nice and chilly at night for sleeping. I slept almost 9 hours a night! It was exactly what I needed. There's an extensive library to explore and nature walks you can take close to the property. It's also fascinating to visit the surrounding farm operation. The lodge is located on a much larger farm with greenhouses dotting the hillside as far as the eye can see. It is interesting to see it all happening, especially if you are curious about food production. There is an especially adorable nursery right next to the lodge, and you can book a farm tour to see the whole thing from top to bottom. This is the kind of place you visit and absorb. There is no cell reception or wifi at the lodge, so you start to notice other things. I made friends with a rabbit in the keyhole garden, and read about plants in the library. I would recommend Moonriver as an authentic farm stay for those okay with being off grid for a little while. I hope to come back one day!
Jakob Geitner
06 Jan 2020
On the positive side, the Lodge is secluded with a nice organic garden from which they farm and cook the food they serve. On the negative side: - Far from everything else - Shared baths and toilets - No means of activity or buying simple things - No phone signal or net to contact outside world - Expensive meals with no price listings If you do want to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy the solitude and very simple living, you may enjoy this place. For the price to be paid, I do not. Being 36km from the nearest town, this place is very unpractical in the matters of seeing the Cameron Highlands and partake in tours. The rooms are extremely simple and reminds me of a school field trip retreat or a fairly cheap hostel. Though rooms are private, baths and toilets are shared. During my stay there was no cleaning or servicing of my room. With such a secluded place I would have expected some trails or paths to walk or at least something to do. While the gardens and organic farming is nice, they are quickly covered. There is a tv, but otherwise no means to do anything but read a book or whatever you brought with you. There is no phone signal, 3G or wi-fi though advertised. Not a requirement, but just annoying having to walk 1km to get a phone signal to call a taxi for getting a pick-up. The lunch and dinner is prepared by whomever is there - not a cook. The food is okay and definitely not bad. But charging 35 RMY for a simple meal where you cannot select from a menu is not fair. Especially considering the nearest town would offer a similar meal for 10 RMY. It is a no thank you from my side.
Bernard Soon
11 Dec 2019
No wifi or phone coverage? Then it's a great place for your 'digital detox'! 😁 Only you will then find time to enjoy your stay here. Situated some distance away from Cameron Highland, you will not have the usual traffic jam and queue during weekends or school holidays. Came here after my hiking trip and it's along the Gua Musang - Cameron highway. The place is set amidst organic vegetable farm and is also located at the fringe of a jungle. You will get a perfect time with nature. I would suggest to do BBQ here with your family. There will extra charges, but the time spent with your loved ones here is pricess. Best is call to know how much.