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The idea for Gibbon Retreat began when H.P Lem, Silicon Valley engineer and nature lover, was hiking in the forest. He came to the realization that whilst there, immersed in nature his stresses and strains would evaporate. He decided to build a series of low impact dwellings to share the benefits with others. The result is Gibbon Retreat. A place to reconnect with nature and recharge both physically and mentally. Sustainability comes first, simplicity is encouraged and life is just a little bit slower in Gibbon Retreat Bentong.
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.6 out of 16 helpful reviews
30 Aug 2020
Rizal Bin Ismail
13 Aug 2020

if you lucky, you can spot dusky Leaf Monkey at their common area. The place is quite relaxing. The caretaker are quite helpful

Jon Bear Wong
05 Aug 2020
We give Gibbon Retreat 3 out of 5 stars. By all means, the 3 star doesn't mean that Gibbon Retreat isn't a good place for a short get away. On the contrary, I would recommend anyone to try it out. It only represents that they are still considered new (Opening only in August 2019, they are still in their soft opening), the area has many potentials and has many areas to improve. The retreat is a beautiful place, surrounded by greenery and provides the guest with a "return-to-nature" vibe. The effort to provide a comfortable accommodation can be seen in the hosts' attention to detail and investment in the infrastructure. However, the retreat might not be suitable for everyone (ie older folks) due to the location, and we met with a small accident. The retreat is situated just next to the Karak Highway (10 mins drive from the highway) and sitting on the top of the hill. There's alot of slippery slopes, including the road going up. A strong car with at least 1,800 CC is recommended and cars with lower base is not recommended (you might scratch your car). Reaching the top, you'll be greeted by chalets built on metal poles and beams, but at the same height as the tall trees (which is the selling point). I was skeptical on the safety at first, but it turns out to be quite solid. The accommodation is quite comfortable, the room can house up to 3 people, with additional folks sleeping in the outside tent. Safety procedures are done well as they rap the side railings with net to avoid any unfortunate accidents. The retreat is isolated and to drive out will take at least 20 to 30 minutes, plus the slippery slope you have to drive up again. So cooking here makes more sense. The cooking facility provided is quite complete and preparing the food is a convenient with everything around. There are 3 chalets to choose from, Tree Top (the highest one, with the parking just next to it) which you'll be surrounded by the highest trees, Bentong View (the only one that has a scenic view of Bentong town) and Rock (the lowest one, surrounded by trees as well). In addition, there are also camp sites all over the area, some with more private units and some are commonly shared. Their access to common facilities and toilets are done well, the infrastructure is done well, with staircases from one level of the hill to another. And at the lower part of the hill, you'll find a pool with water flowing directly from the mountains (thought the water comes from a pipe, but it's still mountain water). Our host, Jason, is very friendly and accommodating. He's extremely helpful and brings us around the area personally. He also brought us jungle trekking for a good hour plus, to the waterfalls and as high as we could go (we had a kid, so the route can be challenging). He was very contactable and takes action immediately when we found that our stove ran out of gas. During the jungle trekking, he even took his own machete to clear the path for us. Obviously with the hills, there's jungle trekking, which is easily accessible, though the route can be abit challenging. For beginners, you wouldn't find it difficult, just that there would be alot of narrow paths or slippery slopes. The only concern we had, was that we found many stone pebbles across the routes, from uphill to downhill. This could be from the construction days of the area, but it made walking up or down the hill, quite dangerous as we slipped a few times, one of us even fell down. In addition, as the activities are in different levels of the hills, walking about is extremely important. Guests with moving disabilities or elder folks might not be suitable, unless you choose to stay in the Tree Top chalet and remain there for a day. Overall, it was a great experience, loved the environment and the hosts' hospitality. I highly recommend this retreat to families (Even with young kids). Looking forward to coming back here again some day to see a more matured and improved version of this retreat.
Cik Sue
03 Aug 2020

good facilities, decoration and nice view. safe for camping!

Pia Azizan
16 Jul 2020
We stayed at Tree Top Chalet and it was nothing short of amazing! It is a perfect location to immerse in the nature by listening to the sound of forest life and exploring the greens. The price is practically a discount for the view this place has to offer. Bbq is a must have activity when you come here, we brought our own marinated meats and other foods by ourselves. Make sure you stock up food because it's very private and isolated area and there's no nearby grocery store. The trekking trail is fun to be explored with as you will discover waterfall and hundred years old trees and plants. Jason is a very helpful caretaker and the dogs are taking very good care of us as well.