Brickhouse Bukit Tinggi

Brickhouse Bukit Tinggi is a holiday villa for travellers looking for a private hideaway up in Bukit Tinggi. Nestled at the top of a hill overlooking a beautiful durian orchard, it offers spectacular views and constant breeze.
Fluent English, Chinese, Bahasa
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 17 helpful reviews
Emir Hasnan
24 Aug 2020

Nice place, spacious and comfortable ... More beautiful if there is a swimming pool, games for guests to play.

Teoh Wei
17 Aug 2020

Very chilling place , great place for short get away from city center

How J
17 Aug 2020

Had a blast of a time at this place. It's peaceful, clean, comfortable, and has cool weather. A great place if you want to get out from the city.

How Han Leon
17 Aug 2020
The Brickhouse is an amazing place to chill out and unwind from the stresses of city life. Located less than an hour away from KL (though the Karak highway can be jammed up) this amazing 3 story home sleeps up to 12 people with enough space for 40 to hang around. This concrete-and-steel home is well appointed, with extremely hot showers and comfortable beds for all who stay. The rooftop is still an open area with a ton of space to have a sunny picnic outdoors - can you say Sunday mimosas with a view? Located just a few minutes outside of town, there are several amazing Chinese restaurants nearby for those who aren't skilled in cooking, some of which can even cater 3-meals a day to Brickhouse (with some arrangement). The fish and lala (clams) are fresh AF, surprising for a highland area, with the veggies coming straight from nearby farms. If you're looking for a family getaway, staycation with friends, or an overnight trip to a place with food, shopping, waterfalls, and nature nearby, look no further! Edit: have stayed here another 5 separate times. Every time has been great! Easy access to food, well appointed house, amazing time chilling out with friends... Perfection!
Mansour Safarzadeh
16 Aug 2020

This farm stay is perfect for BBQ/Steamboat with friends & family. just a 40 minutes drive from KL. super beautiful view & awesome cooling weather at night. they have all the amenities you would need, also super nice host. will definitely go back again.