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Scott Tay, the founder and owner of Beyond Expeditions, started backpacking at the ripe age of 17. During those years and into adulthood, Scott developed into an seasoned traveller. Whenever Scott steps out into the world for travel, he makes a point to go off the beaten path. "Unconventional destinations", that's his mantra. He is a celebrated photographer with a diverse portfolio ranging from landscape to portraiture. His outgoing and friendly demeanour makes him a charismatic and effable facilitator for your expedition, while his sense of humour and love for the locals and nomads is contagious to those around him. This brawny gentleman was also a former fire fighter certified in emergency response and imbued with grit, tenacity and a deep sense of responsibility. Scott brings along with him an immense wealth of experience in adventure and the outdoors. Most recently, Scott embarked on a personal journey to raise funds for the Singapore Cancer Society and trekked 800 km across the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 10 helpful reviews
Tan Kiat Sean
25 Oct 2021
Hidir Koh Teck Seng
02 Aug 2021

Had an enjoyable time with my dogs exploring the world war 2 bunkers! Scott from Beyond Expeditions made things very casual and enhanced our experience with jokes and nuggets of history. 10/10. Will recommend.

Sarita Singh
29 Jun 2021

Scott was an excellent host, managing to balance both adults and kids in the group. Excellent knowledge of history and a great sense of humour

Paola Flores
26 Apr 2021

Scott, our tour guide was amazing, he is warm and friendly and the experience itself was memorable. It’s a very fun and attractive activity specially now that we cannot travel. The end of the expedition, with some sweets and masala tea was just perfect.

Jacinta Lim
10 Mar 2021
Super unique experience in Singapore! We could have visited the bunkers ourselves (well, if we managed to find them!), but we were super glad we did it with Beyond Expeditions as the way they did it made it 10X more interesting. I’ve lived in Singapore pretty much my whole life and never knew these bunkers existed! They were much larger than I thought they would be and getting to see them really brought back the awe of travelling. Our favourite part of the experience was all the side challenges that our guide Scott came up with! We went in a group of 4 as a surprise birthday treat for a friend. And the side challenges were a super fun way of bringing the tunnels for life for us, and getting us to experience them in a way that we wouldn’t otherwise have. We also got much muddier than the other guy in our group who didn’t opt to do the challenges, but that’s part of the fun! Scott was also a great guide - super engaging and involving each person in the group. Along the way Scott also told us little fun facts about the bunkers. Not too much that makes it feel like a history lesson, but enough fun facts and stories that really brought the tunnels to life for us. I also really enjoyed the tea session at the end, which was the perfect end to the expedition!