Isa Umar Othman
23 Jul 2020 on Google
Absolutely stunning place with a beautiful sight! I went with my family and we had the most relaxing time of our life. The staff is very friendly and playful towards us. The food is excellent! I will definitely come again. :)
Shariman Salam
22 Jul 2020 on Google
Good place for family vacation and enjoy nature at the same time. Cozy Tents but the tree house could use some improvement. Overall it's was a good experience.
21 Jul 2020 on Google
We were supposed to visit this place in March but was unable to do so due to the MCO. The wait until July did not dissapoint and i fully recommend the place if you dont mind splurging for a trip to Janda Baik. The price are fully justified. Just a tip is you need to be constantly connected. The wifi at my villa Dragonfly 9 is as good as non existence so choose other rooms if this is important to you but for privacy and nice view i fully recommend this unit. But the view is always nice all over the resort.
Tony Adrian Paan
18 Jul 2020 on Google
Away from the hustle n bustle of the city. Secluded and quiet. The only turnoff is the astronomical price of the rooms per night. Had a peek into the rooms thru the glass doors n conversation with the cleaners, there's no air conditioning but a mobile air-cooled !! Landscape is beautiful for shutterbugs. Not my kind of choice for a retreat.
17 Jul 2020 on Google
Let me preface this review by stating the following for context: 1. Tiarasa Escapes is my first glamping experience, so I do not have anything in the same category to compare it to. 2. That said, I have stayed at properties with SIMILAR PRICE RANGE, which is why I went to Tiarasa with a certain level of expectation. 3. This is based solely on MY OWN EXPERIENCE, which may be different from what others have experienced. Pre-arrival communication: Difficult to get through telephone; email (sent 2 weeks before stay) unanswered, even to this day, after I’ve completed my stay. First impression upon arrival: The place looks beautiful, with a sense of tranquility about it. Tent was ready (check-in at 3, I arrived at 3:30), so I was brought to my tent almost immediately. The accommodation: I stayed in the Dragonfly tent. I thought the interior was okay. Air-conditioned (floor-standing unit). Basic amenities that you would expect are available. The refrigerator was a bonus. That’s the difference between camping and glamping, I guess. No television though, not that I was expecting one. There was a power supply disruption during the night. Someone came quickly to the tent to check. The main light source was faulty, and could not be fixed immediately. As it was close to bedtime, I let it go, but they did promise a change of tent the following day. They made good on the promise, and I was moved to a treetop villa. Both tent and villa are in need of a better upkeep, having suffered from neglect throughout 3 months of MCO perhaps. The breakfast: Included in room rate. Heard that Tiarasa’s nasi lemak was a crowd favourite, so I looked forward to tasting it myself. Happy to say it did not disappoint. I liked it. That said, the whole breakfast experience was a bit of a letdown, on both the first and second day. First day breakfast: Had it at the cafe. Saw that the spread I had was slightly different from the next table’s. No hot drink, no bottled juice, a trimmed down fruit platter. Had to ask for the drinks, they provided a flask of coffee, without asking whether I preferred coffee or tea. They’ve run out of bottled juice, so they provided cordial instead. All this despite their website saying breakfast will be accompanied by freshly squeezed juices and guests’ choice of hot beverages. Second day breakfast: Picnic style. Nice setting, bigger spread. Only coffee — with creamer, not milk — and no tea. Still cordial, no freshly squeezed juice. Although the setting was good, the grounds were left dirty by day-trippers who came for an event the previous day, yet to be cleared by the staff. Among items left behind were strewn cupcake paper cases, deflated balloons and, most unexpectedly, a soiled diaper. Of course, all this put a damper on my picnic experience. The activities: Tiarasa has a shallow wading pool, okay for kids, or adults who just want to dip their feet in water. There is an option for a tea-time picnic, for a charge of RM120 for two pax. There is also a BBQ at night, which cost RM80 per person. If you fancy watching a movie under the stars, they have that too, for a charge of course, RM20 per person. You get popcorn and a hot beverage. I did not partake in any of the above activities, so I cannot comment more. Conclusion: Tiarasa is a great concept, sitting in a beautiful, verdant surrounding. However, I feel that the owner/management is not fully tapping on its potential. They probably went with a lower cost option for the decor/fixtures/fittings in the tent/villa, and it shows. As for breakfast, guests should be given an option based on what’s available to ensure satisfaction, and also to avoid wastage. The staff tries their best, but it is apparent that the training they receive (if any) is not up to the standard befitting a 4 or 5 star resort, the level at which Tiarasa is charging its guests. I may sound like a gratuitous nitpicker, but for the amount I paid, I expect a (close to) flawless overall experience. Unfortunately, it was not to be and my takeaway is that I have overpaid my stay. Unless steps are taken to address the little details and improve the team’s customer service, I think Tiarasa is not sustainable and will only warrant a one time visit for most guests. Which is a shame.