Max B
30 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
Pros: - Very convenient bus pick-up/drop off at hostels in the old quarter. - Good money value, in comparison if I would’ve booked THE SAME TRIP at my hostel (~70 dollars, as the advertising booklet described). - Lot of sightseeing. I’ve seen everything of Ha Long Bay this day, and I am glad I did not do a 2-day or cruise. - Free water bottle provided in the bus. - Very luxurious touring bus, with air conditioning! - Choice of using a taxi boat (with sailor) or kayak (yourself, 2 person boat) to discover the mountains. - No hidden payment fees. Cons: - You have to stop at a disabled/handicapped people’s workshop (souvenir market), which is the case with every tour around Hanoi I believe. I understand they want to make money, but I disappoint the fact that I was not allowed to stay in the bus during the break. You are required to get out, go through the market and wait for/find the bus on the other side. This is the same on the way back, even though you are tired and want to get back as soon as possible. A 10 min restroom break would be better than a 30 min break, especially on a bustrip of only ~3 hours. This 2x 30 min was a waste of my time. - The lunch was mostly seafood; 1 chicken and some vegetarian dishes were provided, but not something you can really get full of. Also keep in mind that drinks are excluded and need to be payed for extra. - No freedom; need to strictly follow the travel plan. General notes: We got a friendly guide with a lot of cheesy jokes. You can either like or dislike that. I liked the history/general information he provided. Just have a good rest before you go on this trip, because sleeping can be difficult when the guide keeps on talking in his microphone at 8 in the morning/evening. Also I think all the Ha Long Bay tours are set up the same, so there is not much difference if you would book with another agency. Either popular on Tripadvisor or not, new or old agency, they all provide the same tour for a little more than ~30 dollars. Abstract: I would recommend people to do this trip. :) Fully guided tour, good value, no thinking but also less freedom.
jpyfast, Australia
25 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
The cruise within Ha Long Bay was absolutely amazing, the rocks and mountains gave us a stunning view. We also saw the rock that was on the 200,000 note which was pretty cool. The lunch was pretty good and was very comfortable having it on the boat. The caves were very beautiful, the limestones around was spectacular. Our tour guide Uy was very nice, provided great service and was very knowledgeable. Overall a great experience.
Wendy W, Australia
25 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
With hundreds of cruises operating in the bay, can you imagine the fuel fumes there that mixed with heat, humidity.......not to mention the rubbish floating on water ! :(( The bay is picture-fantastic though - the rocks, island, cave are all wonderful. Government must take control measures to protect this bay from deteriorating further. Nonetheless the cruise operator tried very hard to make customers comfortable with activities and good food at cruise. Cheers!
Nonapama, Australia
25 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
The majesty and grandeur of this area is unsurpassed. I feel so blessed to have cruised this area. The cave is interesting and worth the climb but I just loved the scenery. This can be very busy with lots of junks, cruise boats and fishing vessels vying for position. Our lunch was a good taste of Vietnamese food. Staff where friendly and helpful.
20 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
I can recommend this trip, even in foggy and rainy weather conditions. The landscape is just stunning. The 2 day tour activities were well balanced and entertaining and food was excellent. The crew of the Majestic Halong cruise was very nice and correct. Special thanks to Tomtom for taking care of the group in a very professional manner.