Elliot L
26 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
It was surely one of the best trip of my life! 4 days on a boat with 20 peoples that quickly became friends. The activities was pure hapiness, komodo dragons, snorkeling, treks, sunrise/sunset and most of all swimming with THE MANTAS! All this cruise wouldn't be as outstanding as it was without THE CREW. They were just amazing (faruk, captain Nidun, Oten, Ary, Sosko, Sam and the others), they all did their maximum to make our travel as best as they could. The food was local, tasty and vegetarian for those who want. Leaving on a boat make you rethink what real confort is, most of all during the nights of big winds, but it's part of the adventure. I recommended this cruise with wanua for everyone that want to leave something unusual, unique, extraordinary and new! Eliott
10 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
I booked a tour with my couple with Ibey, and we really felt deceived and tricked by him. He promised a lot of things and none of them were true. Our guide was unpolite, disrespectful with us, and also didn't know enough English. I would reccomend to visit komodo, but please avoid this wanua adventures in komodo
09 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
The minute I got off the boat I just wanted to get back on and do the whole trip all over again! We went from Labuan Bajo - Lombok and from what I’ve heard this route seems to be the better way (?!) we arrived at 7am to get on the boat and we had time to get sorted and arrange our things before we set off, our first day was super busy and then every day after that the activities slowed down a little bit because of sailing time but I really appreciated the time sat on the boat relaxing and eating. On the last night we had a party on the beach where we could then watch the sunrise if we wanted to! We slept on the deck, we had read reviews that said it was uncomfortable but I brought a blanket to place over the mattress and put a top over the pillow and it was some of the most comfortable sleeps I’ve had since travelling.. definitely better than some hostels and it wasn’t too cold or too hot. Make sure you bring enough snacks and beers, there’s a couple of places on the first day (or last depending on route) to buy a couple of things (Rinca and Komodo) but they are over priced and very limited - just go to the supermarket before hand. The workers were so kind and helpful and they were extremely attentive and constantly trying to make the trip the best experience it could be. We had iki, sali and Akbar and they were the best! So glad we chose to book this tour and I couldn’t recommend it more ⛵️
08 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
Went on this trip last week had a fantastic time. People are right, the first day is a bit of a drive before getting on the boat but you do get a nice swim on a beach. I'd also buy any alcohol before you get there if you can but they do sell beer before you get on the boat and can top up by the bintang boat man on day 3. Also bring cash if you want some souvenirs. We definitely didn't have the best boat (physically) after we saw them all but we had a wonderful group of people that meant it didn't matter. It is what you pay for it's not luxury at all but more than adequate for a 4 day trip. Sleeping quarters (deck) were cramped but we all got on really well so it didn't matter. Our crew and guide were absolutely lovely and incredibly cheerful and food was more than adequate plenty of it!. Morning morning morning! Coffee coffee coffee was our delightful wake up call! The waterfall was great. All the boats were there so was a bit of a queue but we all got to climb up it and jump in. (use the tree, one of the crew will show you first!) After that can just snorkel and relax on the beach. The long 16 hour boat journey was a bit rough for some people if you're inclined to get seasick but well worth the relaxing last two days. The engine is a bit loud but you get used to it and going to the toilet at night is quite an experience going across the deck. Snorkelling for Manta Ray's was amazing the crew lead you around and tell you to jump as soon as there is one. I saw loads and one that was scarily large, enough to make me glad it was quite far down near the sea bed. We were a bit unfortunate on Komodo to only see a couple by the cafe but our guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. Rinca island was definitely much better saw loads in the wild having a bit of a tussle that were really close! Lots of sea, sun and snorkelling too. All in all fantastic trip for the price and absolutely loved the people we shared it with. Enough that most of us stayed in the same hostel afterwards in Flores, went out to dinner and flew back to Bali together! Definitely recommend just have a sensible understanding of the level of comfort that you'll be getting for the very cheap price.
JulieChlt, France
06 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
Jeez, it was hard to leave the boat, the people and the crew after these 4 days ! Thanks a lot to Aret, Captain Suki, Arie, Roni, Joni. You're legends!