James ilham
11 Jan 2020 on Google
Second time with whitesails and both times they gave me an amazing experience, both times they put safety first and both times the crew was affable, kind, caring and understanding. From the first time I rode in 2017 to the second time in 2020, it just shows the consistency of services that whitesails provides which is key in any business. Whitesails is now my go to company for yacht rentals. 10/10 would ride again
janice yap
10 Jan 2020 on Google
Thank you for the fun and memorable experience!! Both the first and second time with white sails yacht was enjoyable and safe. At first i was worried about going because i get sea sick but it was actually all right once i went up and enjoy the wind and view
Shabirah Saini
10 Jan 2020 on Google
had an amazing trip with the help of white sails. the crew was friendly and kind as they helped my friends and i with our water activities.
06 Jan 2020 on Tripadvisor
We had an enjoyable time together as the yacht cruise around the islands. At the front area, there is a big open net where you and your friends can just lie down, chill and enjoy the sea breeze. We also did water activities such as kayaking and fishing. Definitely must try it one time, the experience is totally worth it!
Yap Xin Ying
05 Jan 2020 on Google
white sails really made me enjoy this trip so much and it was really enjoyable for me and i am sure for my friends! the crew was really friendly and nice too :D not the first time with them and they never fail to make my trips including this really fun and enjoyable! thank you to white sails for making our trip unforgettable and memorable :)