17 Jun 2020 on Booking.com
Liked · No problem with location...as long as it is reachable by car Disliked · Parking Space needs expansion
Wan Mohd Nasruddin
16 Jun 2020 on Facebook
I highly recommend..We really had a wonderful and memorable stay in the farm. The unique dome tents by the hill slope and the scenery are simply exceptional and beautiful. We also had the hands-on experience of 'harvesting' the vegetables in the farm. The kids very much enjoyed the stay and would want to come again.
11 Mar 2020 on Booking.com
Liked · I like the environment, deco of the places, the cleanliness Disliked · The comforter because it's too thin. Very cold weather, better provide a thick blanket.
11 Mar 2020 on Booking.com
Liked · Spent two nights with my girl friend in Amoss, a very vibrant yet peaceful spot to visit. You can really capture alot of instagrammable photo around the dome and swing and even inside the dome. Ruben's father is pretty helpful and friendly towards our requests. I was hoping to disconnect ourselves from the internet but sadly to say, the coverage there is pretty 5G. I strongly recommend you guys to self-prepare for dinner whether steamboat or grilling or cups noodle because you may definitely not be driving out to solve your dinner. Few times of raining were showering our days and night but guess what, more fresh and cold air. Another great option is that you can have some hot drinks at the balcony of dome at night, staring at the stars, chilling with your beloved one. Make sure your bed is covered by the blanket, blanket will absorb the humid drops so it would be fine. Toilet is clean and hot water is well served. Disliked · The room may smell abit due to humidity but that's fine, the temperature variance. The kitchen may surround with tons of flies but that's still fine, we're living in a farm. I had a hard time arriving into the dome, I dig the review and used google map but it led me into the 4-wheel forest, the another same day tenants were led to there too with google map (2 of her friends were opening the same google map as well). Eventually my tyre punctured in the forest and the kind bangla workers manage to help me out thank god. Im writing this just to hope that no other new comers shall repeat my mistake in the future. I was told that Amoss decide not to put a directional board to avoid other tourist getting in to disturb our Amoss tenants, which I can relate. I just hope that there's will be more solid guide or direction leading new comers into it instead of bumping into some unknown forest.
10 Mar 2020 on Booking.com
Liked · AMAZING!!!! Disliked · need signboard pleaseeee