15 Feb 2020 on Tripadvisor
A good weekend stay at ‘The Sticks’. We booked the ‘Nest’ tenduk by the river. May not be the choice for everyone as the rapids is pretty loud. Michelle and Rubin are great host. Friendly staff too. Michelle even arranged a muhibbah ‘lou sang’ for all the guest as it’s Chinese New Year. Breakfast, lunch, tea treats and dinners were all yummy. We went night exploring nearby for fireflies at the riverside and at the suspension bridge. Saw some huge spider webs. My children learned some species of plants there. We also went jungle trekking for an hour. Didn’t have any issues with mozzies the whole time there. Not to be missed is the white water rafting (by arrangement), and tubing by the river.
23 Dec 2019 on Tripadvisor
I often read reviews with a tinge of pessimism, but I have to say all the reviews have been spot on and hence, I AM lost for words simply because other reviewers have been pretty thorough in their observations and experiences. We stayed at the Opera House and hence, wouldn't call it 'Glamping' but rather, 'Glampung' as it was pretty much a Glamourous Kampung chalet with what my 8 year old described as having old world charm with all the modern facilities. He pretty much summed up The Sticks perfectly. The Opera House reminded me so much of my dad's kampung back in the day, but with an ensuite bathroom with water heater! The insects can be pesky for city folks but personally, that's part of the charm. We even had fireflies, which fascinated my two boys immensely. Not to mention, there were numerous Rajah Brooke butterflies gracefully flapping about. It kinda rained on the days we were there so we decided to give trekking a skip as we were advised that the path could get very slippery. Well, there's always next time! And another highlight of The Sticks: the River! I'm surprised they never named it River-something given as to how the scenic view of the rapids is the first thing that greets you when you cross the suspension bridge (the roadside guardhouse doesn't count!). It's so refreshing taking a dip in it and as one reviewer mentioned, the roar of the rapids gave us the impression that it was raining. Both the BBQ and steamboat dinner we had were excellent and you could sense that meals were prepared with passion. Portions were plentiful, but we still cleaned our plates good! And that probably sums up why The Sticks is as good as it is: the passion was perceptible not just through the food but in how the place was built and run. My hats off to Rubin and Michelle for making The Sticks what it is! My first tip would be: go for FULL BOARD. Yes, it's worth it (unless you plan on going out for the day, but why would you?). Probably the best banana fritters I've ever tasted (and Michelle wasn't stingy with her 'secret' recipe). But no, won't risk stuffing myself with soggy banana fritters and will probably check myself in for more when the craving hits instead! My second tip: the Opera House is perfect for families with young kids. Not much privacy as most other guests would be walking by the chalet, but what you get is convenience (it's probably one of the closest, if not the closest chalet to the common/dining hall. If privacy is what you seek, check out the Serengeti instead. My third tip: bring your own board games. The Sticks do have them at ready, but the humidity has gotten to most of them so you're probably better off bringing your own.
Travelogue yin
17 Dec 2019 on Tripadvisor
This is our first glamping experience, my friend and I love this place. This place is exactly like what it has been introduced and shared by other reviewers. My friend and I stayed at First Tendok which near the river and we enjoyed sound of flowing stream! Private place, good host and assistants, clean room, yummylicious local treats and food, is definitely a perfect place for glamping and retreat!
16 Sep 2019 on Tripadvisor
The “the sticks” is a place that offered you a understated holiday place to take a break from the polluted and busy city. It’s offer a place of peace and tranquility, a place to gather your thoughts, relax or be active with true equatorial jungle trekking, cooling in the jungle river, looking out for bird life, listening to the birds song, insect singing and butterflies fluttering around. It’s a place that offer you choices of simple, nice and clean accommodation. It consist of various styles of accommodation from simple tent style camping ( still comfortable) to comfortable tented style hut with on-suite and hut on stilts overlooking a river. There is access to the beautiful river and the surrounding jungle. The food is great local nonya style cooking and the delightful eating utensils are all made of enamel ware. It’s unique and it brings me back to my childhood experience of eating in hawker places where enamel was used. Manager Ruben and Michelle, the rest of the staff are warm and very friendly.
Euric Liew
21 Jul 2019 on Facebook
great place for short nature getaway, with great local food prepare by the aunty & her worker. Recommemdat to stay at the riverside hut.