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Longkang Adventures has committed itself to provide the opportunity for kids to be in touch with their "kidself". The lack of play these days has steered the owner of Longkang Adventures to embark on a mission to fulfil one's childhood. Longkang Adventures' aim is to develop children's individual character through their #LettingKidsBeKids programmes and one-of-a-kind experiential journey. With years of experience handling children in an outdoor setting, the coaches are confident that your child will have an amazing time and experience.
1 year experience
Fluent English
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Nature Walks
Forest Adventure

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 25 helpful reviews
Jamie Triple J Sdm
05 Apr 2021
We booked 2 separate session for mommies n boys forest trail.. gets to feel the experience in the forest which we never forget.. especially the boys very happy enjoyed the fun n make new friends.. Highly recommended to engage your team..boys wants more activity like this.. thank you
IkIn Shariff
04 Apr 2021

Well what can I say..awesome/professional coach makes e trip all worth it. Definitely will have another one!!

Suraidah Sabari
29 Mar 2021
Clementi Forest Hike & Jungle Survival for Kids (Age: 7+, Drop-Off)

my 2 boys participated in 1 of the adventure at clementi forest. i was estatic when my 2 'hard to please' boys came back happy and satisfied. they kept telling me what they did over and over again and requested that i booked another session ASAP. Highly recommend

Azura Najib
28 Mar 2021
Clementi Forest Hike & Jungle Survival for Kids (Age: 7+, Drop-Off)

My 2 boys enjoyed their day with them. Looking forward to next adventure again. Thank you Longkang adventures for making them appreciates nature and love outdoors. Cant wait to sign up for all my boys in future insyallah.

Ummu Lia
28 Mar 2021
Longkang Fishing Experience | Be a Kampong Kid for a Day! (Age: 4+, Drop-off)

This is our first time sending our boys away (ever) and it was the best decision ever, Alhamdulillah! I’m so happy they had so much fun making new friends, exploring the forest and catching longkang fish. This is our first time but won’t be our last.