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3 Arts x Center Pottery was founded by Joan, a doctor by training. In 2016, she decided to switch her career for a potter after seeing many people around her suffering from mental illnesses. Among her circle of friends, she found many suffering from anxiety and depression due to their work environment and lifestyle. With her healthcare background, Joan went on to seek natural remedies to improve the mental wellness of her friends and discovered pottery making. Upon learning the calming effect that comes with pottery making, she developed a pottery curriculum together with 2 other certified psychologists from Heart to Heart Psychotherapy and SportsPsych Consulting. Today, Joan has successfully integrated mental wellness into her pottery curriculum and want to inspire more students to find their inner peace. With the studio's mission to bring mental wellness to people, the potter teachers reinforce the principles of the 5Cs: Composure, Confidence, Cope-ability, Cohesion and Concentration, and point out reflective moments for students to understand themselves better.
5 years experience
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 32 helpful reviews
Nicolai Jakobsen
28 Mar 2021
Design Your Own Ceramic Mug (Age 3+)
The instructor was very patient and helpful. Had a lot of fun, and enjoyed getting out of the house to do something practical after months of working from home. Having the self-made cup as a nice memory is like a gift that keeps on giving. The complimentary drinks were a nice perk I didn’t expect.
Jia Lin
19 Jan 2021
Pottery 2-Lesson Bundle: Potter's Wheel + Glazing
Was a bit worried about going for this class because I have zero pottery experience and am not very good at art (drawing/painting). But the friendly, patient and experienced instructors were there at every step, demonstrating, teaching, guiding and coming to help us whenever necessary. I loved that I got my own freedom to apply the different techniques I learnt and get the instructors to help me when I was struggling. I finally get why people say pottery is so therapeutic - the 2-2.5 hours passed by so quickly! Pro-tip: It's best to come to class with an idea of what pieces you want to make (if you have an image reference that would be best) so that the instructors can help you bring your vision to life. :)
Joshua Peh
18 Jan 2021
Pottery 2-Lesson Bundle: Potter's Wheel + Glazing

Overall the course was comfortable. Instructor Moon was able to guide well, and the assistant teacher was patient. Guided well and helped to position hands on the clay for efficient learning! Overall a new experience and worth a shot

Korie Lim
29 Dec 2020

Did not enjoy myself in class. Went alone and felt quite lost in class, not very guided/ guided well. Artwork felt more like done by teacher.

Tin Ho Kong
05 Nov 2020

Very friendly and helpful staff. We had a great time learning more about pottery at the wheel throwing experiential class.