Hidden Hiking Trails & Nature Activities in Singapore You Haven't Heard Of

Looking for an adventure? Here are some exciting unknown activities we are sure you have yet to try!
Last updated: 02 Sep 2021 - 4 min read

Looking to explore Singapore's awesome nature trails beyond the usual routes like Bukit Timah Hill and MacRitchie? We've got you! These are some of our favourite off-the-beaten-path ways to immerse in nature in Singapore today.😃

Intertidal Walk on Changi Beach

A huge fan of beaches? 🌊 Changi Beach has been gaining popularity ever since the circuit breaker, but many of us haven't been there yet! Time to make a trip down before it gets too crowded — follow Young Nautilus as they bring you around spotting and learning about the tiny creatures living at Changi sandy shore. From cute hermit crabs to sea cute-cumbers 😉, there is so much you can discover on this trip.

Explore the Hidden WWII Marsiling Bunkers

Want to explore bunkers so hidden in a forest that there isn't a single walking trail leading to them? 😜 Beyond Expeditions are ready to take you on this adventure through WWII bunkers which many have yet to see! The guides also love coming up with side challenges to make the expedition even more challenging! But just so we warn you, be prepared to get muddy! 😉

Explore the Hidden War Ruins at Mount Faber

Follow Sneak Peek as they bring you to explore Singapore’s past — venturing into the forest to discover the treasures that lie within — Black and White bungalows, Seah Im Bunker, Keppel Hill Reservoir and the Japanese tomb halfway up Mount Faber. But the catch is that you won’t just be walking, you may be required to use your hands to climb up and down steep slopes! 😜

Go Back to Basics with Wilderness Survival

For the adventurers who are looking for a unique way to spend time in nature, how about learning jungle survival in Ubin?! In this half day experience, you'll experience sawing and chopping (fallen) firewood, starting your own fire, and woodcarving. It's a great way to switch off, and truly go back to basics.

Explore Marine Life at Pulau Hantu

Have you ever heard of Pulau Hantu? Nor had we before this year! Pulau Hantu is a favourite haunt for fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts because of its sheltered beaches, swimming lagoons and inviting waters. The marine biodiversity here is so rich that the government had plans to create a marine sanctuary here - but the plans were dropped after opposition from conservationists. In this intertidal trip, you'll get to explore Pulau Hantu's rich marine life with a guide. It's so off-the-beaten-path that you'll need to get a group together but we promise it'll be worth it!

Mangrove Night Walk in Pasir Ris

Night owls, unite 👀🦉 Did you know there was a mangrove forest in Pasir Ris? Join Untamed Paths in this mangrove night walk, where you get to discover mangrove inhabitants such as horseshoe crabs, vinegar crabs, mudskippers, and various water snakes. You might even meet your nocturnal pals like owls, mollusks and frogs.🐸

Night Edition to WWII Bunkers For DareDevils

Want to take your adventures up a notch? This is for you 😎 Beyond Expeditions takes the WWII bunkers exploration to the next level by trekking into these bunkers and underground tunnels during dusk. Not to worry because powerful nitecore headlamps will be provided to be your source of vision for the night. It’s really exciting as you get to see a side of Singapore you’ve never seen before and you never know what (or who🧐) you’ll get to see that night. It’s definitely an interesting experience to share with your friends! 🤗

Embark on a Nature Hike & Fishing at Clementi Forest

Do you miss those times when longkang fishing was a thing? Well, it’s time to relive those old-school memories with Longkang Adventures.🤩 From splashing around in streams, crafting your own fishnet, hiking the untouched Clementi Forest and learning about the great outdoors, Longkang Adventures' outdoor coaches will ensure that you will have a good time. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to start scooping away! 😉

Spot Flying Colugo at Bukit Batok Park

Bet you never knew you could spot flying colugos at Bukit Batok Park - the lesser known cousin to Bukit Timah reserve? Well, we never did too but The Untamed Paths sure know how to spot one 🧐 Follow The Untamed Paths along on this adventure as you learn more about rainforest ecology and also spot creatures and things you have never seen before. This activity is perfect for all ages and you can bring your little ones and gain deep appreciation for nature together! 😊

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