Fun Date Ideas in Singapore (More Than Just Food and Drinks!)

Bored of the usual dinner & drinks on dates? You can explore hidden parts of Singapore instead + have new adventures to chat about during/after the date!
Last updated: 16 Jul 2021 - 7 min read

Looking for awesome date ideas that you'll remember? Read on for new places to go on a date! Switch up your date routine and explore new activities such as exploring bunkers, forest bathing, mangrove kayaking and even a bee farm!

Learn Pottery at a Zen Boutique Studio

A super cosy space, the Dirty Hands Only studio is the perfect date spot to spend a chill afternoon. Listen to the low hum of the potter's wheel, sink your hands into smooth wet clay, and create something beautiful together. You'll be guided by an experienced instructor who would ensure you'd have 2 pieces to bring home. Optional date challenge: Create 1 piece each for your significant other so you'd have keepsakes from this date!

Wine & Dine on a Private Yacht to Lazarus Island

This private wine & dine yacht trip is one of the most popular experiences for a special anniversary or proposal! Enjoy the gorgeous sea views and have a yummy 2-course meal & wine all inclusive. If you wish, you can also have the added special experience of catching your own fish to add to the meal.

Experience Organic and Bee Farming at a Rooftop Speakeasy

Escape to a secret rooftop bee-farm-to-bar your next date night! Covered in greenery and rows of organic fruits and herbs, this beautiful space made us feel like we were visiting a vineyard in Australia's countryside 😌. Learn all about organic farming and put on your bee suits to meet the hardworking honey bees. Indulge in a honey tasting session, and end off the evening with cocktails topped with fresh garnishing straight from the garden. Definitely a sweet date spot to wind down together!

Visit Singapore’s Original Gin Distillery

Want to do something a little different than just visiting bars in Singapore? Well, Tanglin's Gin Distillery experience is just that! Enjoy a chill afternoon date exploring the distillery and get to taste four different Tanglin Gin flavours. Finish the visit with a bespoke G&T cocktail with homemade flavoured bitters like cinnamon and even spicy Szechuan peppers. Yummy!!

Mangrove Kayaking & Hike in Ubin

See Pulau Ubin in a new light as you kayak through its mangroves, while your amazing guide shares little known stories of its community and wildlife. Hike to Puaka Hill to enjoy its beautiful granite quarry views. The coolest part that made us think we were travelling? Visiting a Kelong and having heartwarming chats with local fish farmers! This experience will be one that you and your significant other will be talking about in dates to come!

Make Bath Bombs For Your Next Staycation

Create your very own bath bombs for your next couple staycation! From the colours to the scent and herbs used, you'd be in full control. Say goodbye to spending a little too much time at Lush deciding between whether to get your favourite scent or your favourite colour (we're guilty 😜). This workshop is also in Orchard Gateway, ultra convenient for grabbing a meal together before or after the class!

Art Jam in a chilled studio

We know friends who swear that Art Jamming is the best way to spend a date! Not only can you chill out in a zen studio together, chat at your own pace, but you can also create an awesome piece of art. Whether you're good or terrible at art, this will give you lots to talk about afterward!

Mix it up with a Bartending Workshop

Nothing like a good Old-Fashioned cocktail to ~wine~ down, are we right? Shake up your normal bar date nights to attending a cocktail-making workshop instead! You'll get to learn to make 3 different cocktails at the beautiful Daizu cafe AND also drink what you create ✌🏻 Now you can have a fun night out, but also have future fun nights IN with your new bartending skills!

Explore Hidden WWII Bunkers at Marsiling

Nothing keeps a relationship alive than the buzz of excitement 🤩. If you're looking for a thrilling adventure to do with your loved one, this is for you. Get ready to brave through leftover structures from WWII, rampant jungle vines, and wade through ankle-high mud! We strongly recommend this as a double date idea, so invite your other couple friends along for some fun.

Learn to Brew Kombucha

Instead of a cafe date, try Kombucha instead 🤩. Having Kombucha outside is a little pricey, so why not learn to brew it at home? This all-in-one Masterclass is led by Winnie, who has been brewing Kombucha for 20 years and has studied organic chemistry and medical sciences in the States - so you would not only learn how to make yummy flavours, but also learn the science behind Kombucha! This is perfect for couples who are looking to make healthy lifestyle changes together, or simply just love Kombucha!

Learn Peranakan Cooking in a gorgeous Kampung house

If you have a date with a foodie, this will be the perfect way to have fun & enjoy yummy food! More than just a simple cooking class, one of our favourite things about this experience is that you’ll get to experience modern kampong living here. One Kind House brings back the spirit of a kampung house, where food is farm-to-table and doors are always open for friendly neighbours to pop in to pick a plant or two.

Immerse in a New World through Virtual Reality

We're not gamers, but we absolutely love Sandbox VR. You can pick any world to immerse in (zombies, Star Trek, or pirate ship!), and be transported there in an instant through virtual reality. It's our way of travelling without needing to leave Singapore. It's perfect for a first date, or to surprise your significant other on a birthday. We promise you you'll remember this for ages to come!

Slow Down and Recharge in Nature

If you're feeling a bit burnt out, or are in need of a quick recharge, you should try out forest bathing. It sounds out there, but it's basically a guided meditation in nature that has been shown to lower stress levels and increase focus. It may be a bit unusual for a first date, but it's something we would highly recommend doing with a significant other. You will come away from this experience refreshed, with a newfound appreciation for nature, and most importantly - each other.

Spray Paint your own Graffiti Wall

If you're not an art jam sort of person - if you prefer something a little messier and crazier, how about trying out graffiti?! It's the perfect first date since it's so unexpected, and even the most artistically-challenged can go wild with a spray can. It's the perfect way to unplug from your work week, and do something a little silly and unexpected.

Try Shooting & Roll in a Giant Bubble

If you're looking for a bit of cheeky adventurous fun, this is a dream date. You'll get to compete with your date on who can shoot the most flying targets, and then let off steam by rolling around in giant bubble balls! This is perfect for those who don't take themselves too seriously, and want a date with lots of glee.

Explore Singapore's Hidden Marine World

Have you ever heard of Singapore's intertidal zones? Nor had we until recently! These intertidal zones are home to some of the coolest, cutest and weirdest marine life we’ve seen in our life. If you have a date with a wildlife lover, head out to explore our hidden marine life with a naturalist guide. You'll learn lots, plus come away with a newfound appreciation for Singapore's epic wildlife.

Explore Abandoned Forts like Indiana Jones

If you're a history buff or just love some adventure, you would love exploring the abandoned forts in Singapore. Most of these relics are hidden away from the public, and uncovering them feels like you're an explorer discovering new lands. It requires some climbing and roughing it out, so it's a great way to see if your date is as adventurous as you are!

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