Best Pet-Friendly Activities in Singapore

Do you miss your furbabies when you are out having fun? You can now bring them along to your activities, as we've rounded up the ones that your pets can tag along.
Last updated: 28 Jul 2021 - 4 min read

From visiting a Bee Farm to Kayaking to Pizza making, your pets will definitely be in for a treat away from their usual walk routines! 

Kayak Adventure with your Fur Friends

Kayaking with friends is not anything new but do you know with SerendipET, you can bring your furry friend along? (That’s of course if it is able to fit into the kayak with you😜) But it doesn’t end at kayaking, you'll to embark on a hike up Puaka Hill, the highest point of Ubin, for a glimpse of the beautiful Granite Quarry. Both you and your pet will also get to visit Kelongs - floating fish farms up close. It is definitely a rare glimpse into the life of a fisherman which we don’t get to see every day 🤩

Kayak into Mysterious Rivers

Already kayaked in Pulau Ubin? Try kayaking somewhere new with Clarence, an award-winning guide who will take you to hidden parts of Singapore that you might not even know. You’ll get to enjoy the privacy away from the crowd and be closer to nature. Field cooked lunch will also be provided, such that you get the authentic experience during this adventure. Best of all, this is pet-friendly so you don’t have to be away from your pet for even a second! 🐶

Explore Underground WW2 Bunkers

Get your hands and feet dirty in this adventure to Marsiling Bunkers! It's super fun to explore these trails and underground bunkers hidden deep in the forest - and even more fun to have your excited dog with you! 🐶 There's lots of room to roam in the forest, plus mud pools to jump into if your dog fancies! 😝

Get Buzzing Away in Our Unique Bee Farm Experience

Get up close and personal with the bees and watch these hard-working insects busy with their honey-making process.🌞 You’ll get to be engaged in a farm-to-bar tasting experience all at this secret rooftop garden 🤫, where you get private time with your loved ones. This experience would definitely leave you with a greater appreciation for the origins of the honey. How refreshing will it be to be able to taste the honey freshly collected by our bee friends! 🐝🍯 The best part, you are allowed to bring your pet along with you!

Head Out with your Fur Buddy On A Yacht

Get warm and cosy on the Yacht with your little fur buddies! Sea Friends will bring you out to the Southern Islands or Hantu Island depending on your preferences! Your pets will certainly appreciate a change from their usual walk in the parks. Enjoy a little splash in the waters together with your furbaby — you can kayak with your pet or let them swim in open waters while you lounge on a relaxing float, talk about a relaxing day out 😎

Luxury Yacht with Everything You Need

Looking for a luxurious yacht for a special occasion? At Ocean Diva, you can celebrate any events with your fur baby by your side (dogs only!). Everything will be prepared for you, from deck mats to the BBQ pit to complimentary use of water mats, sea kayaks, paddleboards and even a sea scooter. 😉  This will definitely be a fun experience to embark on with your loved ones and your dog 👯‍♂️

Fisherman & Fisherdog Yacht Experience 🤟🏻

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a fisherman? Well, leave it up to Wanderlust Adventure to hook you up with a modern fisherman, who will bring you out to sea and teach you the tips and tricks of sea fishing! 🐠 And yes, the most exciting part is you'll get to BBQ your catches straight from the sea right after! Just thinking of how fresh the seafood is got our tummies all rumbling too! 🐟 Feel free to bring your pet along with you (keep them leashed  as we don’t want them to scare your potential dinner away 😉)

Pizza Making with your Furbaby at your Side!

Team pineapple on pizza or nah🍍? It doesn’t matter because now at the Secret Pizza Club, you can have control over what you place on your pizza. Kneading, proofing, and raising your fire will be all worth it, when you get a pizza you can truly call your own. And yes, to our Halal and vegetarians friends, you won’t have to worry! At the Secret Pizza Club, all are accepted (even your dogs! ) 😜

Cocktail & Chill on a Rooftop Garden

If you're looking for a non-crowded, very chilled cool place to catch up with a friend/date PLUS your pets, this is perfect. Here's a private rooftop garden where you can lounge, hang out with your friends and furbabies, and enjoy a farm-to-table cocktail at the same time! Non-alcoholic drinks are also available and kids under 6 are free of charge.

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