9 Interesting Holiday Camps For Children in June 2021

A few weeks left till our little ones are free from the grasp of school! Here are some interesting holiday camps lined up that we think your children would enjoy!
Last updated: 11 May 2021 - 4 min read

Many of you have asked us for the best June holiday camps for your children, and so we’ve rounded up our favourite ones!  The best part? Your child gets to nurture their independence and explore beyond their usual activities as these camps all require parents to drop off their children! ✌️

From Longkang Fishing to being one’s own little art curator, your little ones will definitely have the best June Holiday ahead! You never know, they might discover a new hobby or interest of theirs! 🤩

Explore Clementi Forest & Learn Survival Skills (Half-Day)

Did you know there is an abandoned tunnel in Clementi? Let your kid go on this discovery adventure with LongKang Adventures, where they get to spot different wildlife. It’s really a mystery what you can find there!✨On top of that, they’ll learn some basic skills to survive in the jungle! It’s definitely a fun and enriching activity for your young ones, that you wouldn’t want them to miss out on! 😊

Try Your Hand at Longkang Fishing (Half-Day)

This half-day experience will allow your kids to get off their mobile devices, and to go outdoors to get wet and wild ✌🏻! Drop your kids off with the awesome Longkang Adventures, whose mission is to let kids live a day of life as a kampong kid. From splashing in streams to crafting their own fish traps, Longkang Adventures’ outdoor coaches will ensure that your kids return elated and wanting another adventure!

Create Your Own Glow-in-the-Dark Spacesuit (3-Days)

We’re going on a trip on my favourite rocket ship. Zooming through the sky, Little Einsteins!🚀 Sounds familiar? Yes! For all the aspiring little astronauts out there, Sage Artelier will be guiding your kids through this art journey of creating your own glow in the dark space equipment! Your kids will be able to use their creativity to customise their own space helmet and jetpack. They’ll be one step closer to their dreams of flying to the moon! 🌚

Become a Kampong Kid and Enjoy Life Outdoors (3-Day)

In need of a fresh and wild getaway from the books?📚 An adventure is just the thing for your kids to recharge and get close and personal with nature!  You may choose between giving your little ones an opportunity to ways to be the Tarzan or Jane of the jungle (and learn survival skills), or to experience Kampong living for 3 days (and get to visit an actual Kelong!). Your little ones would definitely gain a unique experience to remember! 😝

Master Cool Jungle Skills with LongKang Adventures (3-Day)

Trap building, whittling, and the making of bow & arrows? Doesn’t these skills sound so cool! In the hands of the trusty Longkang Adventures’ coaches, your kids will be able to engage in hands-on learning and learn how to use basic tools. Plus, they might also gain a newfound appreciation for the outdoor world! ✨

Be Your Own Little Photographer (Half-Day)

It’s been a while since we got to travel around the world - but with Gosh! Kids, your child could experience being a tourist right here in Singapore! They will explore Singapore through a new lens ( literally 🤪) as they are taken to various iconic locations to capture their own photos (cameras provided!). By the time your next overseas trip comes round, you’ll have a trusty little photographer in-charge of documenting your memories ✨  

Create a Kaleidoscope & Learn About The Wonders Of Colours (3-Day)

Colours certainly spark joy for many! Your little ones will be able to build their own kaleidoscope and get experimental with the colours and dimensions! 🤗 During this 3-Days camp, your kids will also be exposed to basic functions of photography. These are the perfect activities for your creative little ones and unleash their creative juices they may be hiding! And you never know art might just turn out to be their cup of tea!✨

Hang Upside Down With Aerial Yoga (3-Day)

Every child we know goes through a Spider-Man phase (both boys and girls!), and Mind Space’s Aerial Yoga camp is perfect for that 😜! They’ll learn to flip, rock, and swing on the aerial hammocks safely, while training their balance and spatial awareness all at once! Most importantly, they get to do all these while remaining indoors! During the camp, Mind Space’s focus on mindfulness will also teach your child to creatively organise their thoughts and bring out their inner peace.✌️

Make Organic Bath Bombs in an Urban Farm (3-Day)

Reduce, reuse and recycle! ♺ Let your kids embark on this educational trip to knowing more about sustainability and going green! Not only that, your kids will get a chance to get close and friendly with herbs, fruits, flowers as Fawn Labs guides your kids to make their own Bath Bombs and Body Wash using plant extracts. How cool will it be to bathe in your own creation! You won’t have to worry as these are all natural ingredients and are beneficial for their skin! 😜

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