10 Most Unique and Cool Creative Workshops in Singapore

Doing something creative always energises us, and makes us feel happy! If you're the same, here are some super fun workshops to get those creative juices flowing
Last updated: 12 Aug 2021 - 4 min read

From making your own personalised candles to creating your own pottery, there are so many exciting hands-on activities that aren’t affected by the recent regulations! You may view all creative workshops here or read on to find out our favourites!

Let off Steam with Graffiti

It’s been a hectic week & you are feeling a little stretched and need a place to vent? Well, we got you! At Heaven Spots SG, you pour your frustration out by vandalising (legally 😜). Don’t worry about getting dirty because protective gears are provided! Just grab your cans and spray away to your heart’s content! You never know you might meet your inner Picasso along the way 😉

Make Your Own Pottery

Inspired by the famous pottery scene from the movie ‘Ghost’?😊 Now’s your chance to get your hands dirty and create your own vessel! Join this 2-hour crash course into pottery where you get to learn the two basic pottery techniques. You will be the proud owner of your very own own cups/ bowls after this session! 😍

Pottery with a Modern Kintsugi Master

You've already done pottery, but have you heard of the Japanese art of Kintsugi? This 2-hour workshop is probably the only one where you are allowed to break things! Traditionally, Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing our flaws and imperfections. During this unique workshop, you'll learn to mend broken upcycled ceramics with gold powders to create a one-of-a-kind ceramic piece.

Make Your Own Quirky Soap from Scratch

Love cute soaps but don’t know where to get them from? 🤔 Why not try making your own soap from scratch! From melting the soap wax, to choosing your scents and colours, personalising your own soap could never get any better! These cute and delicious looking soaps could sit in your own toilet as decorations or even be the perfect gifts for your friends! 😍

Learn Leather Crafting from Skilled Artisan

In this 2-hr workshop, you will learn the art of traditional leather craftsmanship from skilled artisans. Not only do you get to make your own leather piece, you'll also get to monogram it with your name/initials for the perfect bespoke item. This workshop is great for a group of friends or if you're looking to make something memorable for someone special!

Unleash your Creative Side at Sage Artelier

Craving for some creativity? 🎨 Head over to Sage Artelier, a quiet and minimalistic studio that’s perfect to get your creative juice flowing. Their art jamming workshop is a favourite for most. But that isn’t all you can do there! You can also try clay making, pot painting, or even learn how to use procreate! 😉

Go Back to Basics in an Embroidery Workshop

Don’t know how to sew?🙈 Fret not! Dive deep into the world of hand embroidery during this 2-hr workshop with Sage Artelier’s instructors, who will bring you through some basic stitches to create your own masterpiece. Remember to bring along a picture that you want to recreate, the possibilities are endless. At the end of the session, you can impress your friends with this cute embroidery that is done by you! 😊

Create Beautiful Cold-Processed Soap for Sensitive Skin

For those with sensitive skin, this is for you! 😉 Nomadic Penguin’s founder Karene started out soap making as a hobby because she wanted to make soap that is gentle on her skin and that helps with her eczema. Hence, making high quality soaps with natural ingredients and essential oils is important to her — you will no longer have to worry about the ingredients in your soap and can bathe comfortably. 😌🛁

Make Rose Flower Soaps as Gifts for your Loved Ones

In need of a therapeutic session?🤔 This 2-hour session of rose flower soap making is just for you! Drown yourself in sweet aroma as you create your own personal rose soap, piecing it together petal by petal. These rose flower soaps look so realistic and pretty, it’ll be the perfect gift for your loved ones! 😘

Make Delicious Looking Candles!

Have you seen macarons or chocolate-shaped candles before?🤩 Here at Nomadic Penguin, you’ll not only be learning candle-making techniques but also learning how to make them look really cute! If you have little ones at home, just ensure that they are aware these are not real snacks! 🤭

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