10 Best Virtual Team-Building Experiences - DIY kits Delivered to Your Doorstep! 🤩

Finding it difficult to get to know your colleagues at work? Here are some original virtual team-building workshops to try!
Last updated: 13 Aug 2021 - 4 min read

In this new Corona age of working-from-home, bonding with your colleagues may seem like a faraway dream. Don’t fret, as we have compiled a list of unique virtual workshops (with all DIY kits delivered to your home) that we love - after all this fun, you’ll definitely be BFFs with your work friends! 👭

Sweeten Your Day Making Adorable Macaron-shaped Soaps

With an at-home Soap Making kit delivered right to your doorstep, this exciting one-hour virtual workshop allows you to make the cutest macaron-shaped soaps. 🍭🧼 Take this relaxing time as a chance to have fun with your colleagues - who doesn’t love macarons? Don’t forget, they’re inedible though...😨

Bloom Your Friendships with a Watercolour Floral Workshop

A lover of art and nature? 🍃This workshop is perfect for you. Conducted virtually, you will learn the basic techniques of painting flowers and leaves with an experienced guide. Don’t fret if you or your team can’t draw - this is completely beginner-friendly! We can’t wait to see the masterpieces produced from this workshop. 🎨🌸

Wrap Your Own Rempah Udang at this Hands-On Experience

Follow Tribe Tours on this virtual Peranakan cultural journey as you visit the heritage shophouses through a livestream while learning about their food culture! You will even assemble your very own Rempah Udang - which refers to a traditional Peranakan dessert that is made of glutinous rice with shrimps filling wrapped in banana leaves. Bring out the chef in you! 👩‍🍳

Create Your Mini Terrarium Garden at Home

Always dreamt of creating your own mini garden at home but worried it’s too much work?👩‍🌾 Well, a terrarium is perfect for you ! Bond with your colleagues as you build your very own terrarium through this virtual workshop. You will explore the world of living plants and creating landscapes - all within a small jar! 🌿The best part? Terrariums are self-sustaining and hardly need to be watered!

Host Your Own At-Home Party at this Cocktail Workshop

Ever sat at a bar, and wondered how easy life would be if you could just make your own drinks professionally? 🍹🤪This interactive workshop by The Shake Affinity is here to bring your dreams to reality. Through Zoom, get ready to learn about the basics of bartending with your friends (all drinks and equipment provided!)- and even enjoy the own drinks you’ve created after! Cheers! 🥂

Shape your Personalised Scented Soy Candle

This therapeutic soy-candle making workshop is the ideal relaxation activity for you and your colleagues after all the stress from work! 🕯Blend your own candle before decorating it with the beautiful dried herbs, flowers, crystals and charms provided. 😍

Learn All About Kombucha and Make Your Own through this Virtual Workshop

Kombucha - a fermented and sweetened tea - has been a hot topic recently!🤩 In this 2-hour virtual workshop held by Kombynation, you will learn the history and science behind the healthy and nutritious Kombucha, and even brew your own drink with insider tips. Kom-along with your colleagues for this interesting experience! 😉

Reduce Muscle Tension At Home on this Online Yoga Class

Suffering from a sore back after sitting in front of a computer for too long? 😫🙆‍♀️ With active stretching and experienced meditation teachers, this Yoga Class held by The Senses Therapy promises to release any tension and stiffness you have from working at your desk all day. 🙆‍♀️🧘‍♀️Uniquely crafted to bring balance to your mind and body, this workshop helps calm your mind and even improves your posture!

A Journey of Self-Exploration and Healing at the Sound Bath Therapy

With the uncertainties of a pandemic, are you and your team feeling depressed and overwhelmed with anxiety recently? 😔 This Sound Bath Therapy session held by The Senses Therapy is here to help you relieve stress and improve the harmony in your body. Get ready to plunge yourself into the world of beautiful sounds and healing noises in this journey of self-care! 🎶

Get Drunk With Exotic Tastes at this Unique Espresso Martini class

Love putting a spin on classics? Clink! It’s time for Exotic Espresso Martini Hour at The Elephant Room’s cocktail workshop. 🍸 In this one-hour virtual session, be prepared to learn the techniques of making a special blend using Indian whiskey or rum, fresh coconut water and more! 😊

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