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Two travellers + a dream

Seek Sophie was started by a couple of friends who believe that travel can change the world for the better

Lina Gedvilaite, Co-founder of Seek Sophie

Lina Gedvilaite


Before Seek Sophie, Lina worked in finance at the International Finance Corporation in Ukraine, and Zurich Insurance in London. Lina hails from Lithuania and moved to the US when she was nine. Her experience moving to a new country and starting from scratch has left a lasting impression on her. It drives her to help others who are building up their lives from few resources, as her parents had. Lina has travelled to 40+ countries and lived in the UK, US, Ukraine and Lithuania, before moving to Singapore to attend INSEAD business school. She holds a degree in Economics and International Relations from George Washington University, and an MBA from INSEAD, where she met Jacinta.
Jacinta Lim, Co-founder of Seek Sophie

Jacinta Lim


Before Seek Sophie, Jacinta was an corporate lawyer at Linklaters, a top global law firm in London, where she worked on billion-dollar transactions in Europe, Asia and Africa. Driven by her curiosity on how businesses can make a positive impact on the world, she joined MicroEnsure, a fast-growing tech start-up in the UK with a social mission, and with 40 million customers globally. Jacinta later moved back to Singapore (where she was born) to start Seek Sophie, and continue her mission of building a business that has a positive impact on the world. Jacinta has travelled to 60+ countries. She holds a law degree from UCL (University of London) and an MBA from INSEAD, where she met Lina.